Beer Aromas
Beer Aromas
Beer Aromas
Beer Aromas
Beer Aromas

Beer Aromas

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The Beer Aromas collection contains a publication and 12 samples of aromas to smell.

The publication provides the information essential to understand some of the most important characteristics of Beer, how to do a beer tasting, which are the aromas present in high quality products and how to train your olfactory sense to recognize them. For example, some Beers can present scents of peach, and others of cloves, both of which are aromas difficult for a non-expert to identify.

The 12 aroma samples help you to train your sense of smell while having fun. Try to smell the samples in a blind smell test and measure the progress of your olfactory sense. Once you have memorized a particular aroma, it will be much easier to identify, in its delicate forms, in a Beer that you taste.

The aroma samples to smell include 12 aromas frequently present in Beers:

1. Orange

2. Peach

3. Banana

4. Black Currant

5. Cloves

6. Hay

7. Pine Resin

8. Smoked

9. Honey

10. Cookie

11. Coffee

12. Bread Crust


ISBN 978-88-94301-59-5